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Private Messages to Admins

This announcement is no longer active


Please do not private message admins

(1) Your message is of a private nature and can only be answered by an admin.
(2) You have had prior agreement from an admin to do so.

Admins have more important things to deal with, and as such, do not need to be bombarded with PMs that could otherwise be answered by others.

Unnecessary messages include:

Messages with HELP questions. There is a HELP section and a HELP Team to deal with these. An admin only needs to be involved if the HELP Team cannot deal with it.

Suggestions - We have a dedicated Board of Suggestions forum for these kinds of things.

General queries and issues that could be dealt with on the forum - We cannot answer each person individually which is why we post on the forum - please take the time to find your answers on the forum or help and FAQ. If you're unable to find your answer then you can post a thread in the relevant Help & Support forum.

Trying to jump the queue: Jumping queue will not get your issues dealt with any quicker.
Nothing gets missed so do not PM us about it.

Thank you for your understanding.

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