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Suggestion for Unified Gaming

Do you think a TS3 would be useful?  

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  1. 1. Do you think a TS3 would be useful?

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Hello, Soooo there isn't a template for this so I'll just get into my suggestion...


With the new Tournament Update and other upcoming updates to Unified Gaming I think it would be very useful and easier to organise events and other Large Gathering Situations with a Official Unified Gaming TeamSpeak 3 Server.

Now before you go saying, "Oh but discord can do that too and like everyone has discord" I am completely aware of this I just see TS3 as a easier alternative for the Tournaments and Just general Game Play within UG Assets as it will be easier on the Event Managers and Game Server Admins/Managers to maintain a solid connection with others in a Quicker and More efficient way... And Teamspeak can be very much more organised and power sided than Discord

What do you mean by "More Power Sided than discord" When I say this I mean TS3 has more advanced permission configurations than Discord allowing for a more controlled environment so there are no sneaky boys in the wrong channels by accident {No One LIkes a Sneaky Boy}


Thank you for Reading my Suggestion. I hope you can see my reason of belief on this topic

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