[-EG-] Surf DM Server Rules

Welcome to Surf Deathmatch!


If you've experienced a bug or would like to make a request in our game server(s), please post a thread in our Server Issues & Bug Reports forum.

  Because nobody likes cheaters, players caught cheating will be permanently banned.
  This includes modifying game or texture files as a form of texture/materialistic transparency or action   scripts (bunnyhop, rapid-fire, Radio/Comm/Chat spam).
  Cheating/unfair advantages due to such modifications will result in being banned without question.

  Exploiting the map environment is not allowed.
  Malicious Discrimination / Personal Attacks
 Personal attacks are prohibited. Commonly known as "flaming," personal attacks are statements which are designed to personally berate or insult another person. Text of this nature is not beneficial to the community spirit and will not be tolerated. We do not tolerate racism, bigotry, hate-speech, slurs etc.

  While jokes and banter is allowed, personal attacks as above will result in a warning by an admin.
  Team Flashing
  Team flashing is an unfair and annoying tactic, and as such, can be a punishable offence. Players  caught deliberately team flashing will receive a warning, and further team flashing will result in being  slayed, kicked or temporarily banned for 24-48 hours.
  Auto-Snipers & M249s
  The use of these weapons are banned across all of EvoGaming game servers.
  Spawn Killing / Camping
 Nobody likes a spawn killer/camper, such actions are not permitted on our server!
 Players found to be spawn killing after two (2) warnings will have their rank(s) reset.
Upon a third (3) warning a 3 day ban will be issued along with a ladder ban for 30 days. Ladder is reset each month. 
  Mic Spam / Chat Spam
  Mic spam includes but is not limited to nonstop use, playing music, using voice changers   constantly, or leaving the mic on when not in use.

  Mic use must also be in English only, as our servers are English speaking only.

  Chat spam includes but is not limited to repeating the same message multiple times, sending long   unbroken strings of characters, or chatting non-stop in all caps.
All languages are acceptable in chat.
  Spray Policy
  The use of inappropriate sprays (such as offensive, racial, or pornographic) are banned and will not be tolerated. Players will be issued a warning for the first offence and a spray ban for the second. A third will result in a temporary ban from our server(s).
  Advertising web URLs or other server IPs in player name, over the mic or in chat
(excluding URLs/IPs to evogaming.co.uk and it's affiliates) are prohibited.
  Admin / Player Impersonation
  Impersonation of players or server admins will not be tolerated.
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