Server Rules

Welcome to the server!


If you've experienced a bug or would like to make a request in our game server(s), please post a thread in our Server Issues & Bug Reports forum.

  Because nobody likes cheaters, players caught cheating will be permanently banned.

  This includes modifying game or texture files as a form of texture/materialistic transparency or action   scripts (bunnyhop, rapid-fire, Radio/Comm/Chat spam).
  Cheating/unfair advantages due to such modifications will result in being banned without question.

  Exploiting the map environment is not allowed.
  Malicious Discrimination
  Discrimination with malicious intent will not be tolerated. Whilst certain degrees of flaming (as jokes)   are allowed, any type of discrimination with malicious intent may result in a warning by an admin
  Inappropriate Language
  Inappropriate Language must be kept to an absolute minimum until 10:00 PM!
  Players using such language prior to 10:00 PM will be subject to having all voice and chat communication muted.
  Spawn Stalking/Killing
  The Infected should NOT wait around the spawn areas to infect the Survivors.
  This type of behavior is both unfair and annoying. All of the Infected must allow a chance for  Survivors to escape spawn! 
  Cade Breaking/Blocking
  Breaking or blocking a teammates barricade is absolutely not allowed on this server regardless of whether it is   the closest means of cover! Breaking a teammates barricade will result in a warning.  Second offence will result in being kicked or banned. 
  Reconnecting to Avoid Infection
  Reconnecting to avoid infection will not be tolerated under any circumstances!
  If you are caught reconnecting you will be asked not to do so, failure to comply with such notice will  result in being kicked/banned.
  Spam / Chat Spam
  Mic spam includes but is not limited to nonstop use, playing music, using voice changers   constantly, or leaving the mic on when not in use.

  Mic use must also be in English only, as our servers are English speaking only.

  Chat spam includes but is not limited to repeating the same message multiple times, sending long   unbroken strings of characters, or chatting non-stop in all caps.
All languages are acceptable in chat.
  Tube Camping
  Tube camping is not allowed on our server under any circumstances whether or not the Infected are on your trail! Find other means of cover/protection.
  Advertising web URLs or other server IPs in player name, over the mic or in chat
(excluding URLs/IPs to and it's affiliates) are prohibited.
  Admin / Player Impersonation
  Impersonation of players or server admins is strictly prohibited..
Server MOTD - 20/09/2022.