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    Although we are still having issues with SourceBans properly connecting to the game server via RCON query (thanks to the webhost we currently use blocking the necessary query ports) the CSS game server is up and running. We have a selection of fun maps - including DM, FY, AIM, CS, DE and classic CS maps.
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    We have managed to get our hosting plan upgraded for the time being and hopefully this will help speed up the forum, game panel, game server ban & admin system restoration.

    So long as we don't run into further issues as we continue efforts to restore functionality, the site should be up and running in the new few days.

    We will have more updates on this soon.

    We have restored our forum and game server panel. Now that is left is just configuring the game panel with the server containing the game server files.

    Considering there are still many players who play Counter-Strike: Source still we decided "what the heck" and brought back our "CS Office Maps" game server. There are a number of custom cs_office maps available to play on the server.
    The map list includes:
    cs_office-unlimited cs_office cs_office07 cs_officelockdown cs_officework cs_office_90s cs_office_ally_v4 cs_office_center_b1 cs_office_dark_extended_beta cs_office_extended cs_office_extreme_1 cs_office_FEAR_night cs_office_infinity cs_office_mm266_2 cs_office_night cs_office_night_rain_final cs_office_sup_beta2 cs_office_unlimited_fixed cs_office_unlimited_oc Should you have any questions relating to our game servers, please post them in the Game Server Questions forum.

    From Sunday (13/06/21) we launched a BF4 game server. With 4 days of a trial the server has almost constantly beeen full. This addition to EvoGaming seems (so far) to successful. You can find it below:
    So far since early mid-day today (17th June 2021) the server has been full.

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    We are considering setting up a tournament game server, perhaps 10vs10 on either CS Source or CS Global Offensive, or both?. If you think you'd enjoy this let us know. Register a forum account or login to your existing forum account and submit your suggestions in this thread!
    Our Tournaments application can house our tournament events and ladder/medals!


    Since the 28th of January our dedicated server suffered a major issue after system updates had automatically installed a new version of our Operating System and thereby replacing our kernel with a new one. This caused our server to boot directed into the Linux GRUB bootloader shell.
    Unfortunately we were forced to backup and restore our data. Sadly we experienced networking issues when attempting to install Linux, however, this has now been resolved.

    We have now acquired a Windows VPS which we will utilize specifically for running our game servers as TCAdmin's Windows version has more support for various games.
    I will continue my efforts to restore the website back to operational standards.
    We thank you for your patience.

    In the last week we have completed a barrage of updates to our community.
    These updates include the following:
    Domain name change (x2) General upgrades to applications, our forum theme, and APIs for alternative account login and registration TCAdmin fix and game server setups New banners, logos, and navigation  
    Domain & Forum: Although we switched our domain name from "unifiedgaming.net" to "ugcclan.co.uk", we decided to make the last domain change and chose "evogaming.co.uk". EvoGaming.co.uk will serve as our new permanent domain and community name. We are currently awaiting responses from Invision Community to change our license URL so that we can get our forum URL switched to our new permanent one!
    Steam and Discord account login and registration is currently working, along with integration with our Discord server.
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EvoGaming is a multi-platform gaming community/fan/discussion site with game servers, community downloads and "soon-to-be" (we hope) a nice successful gaming website.
The site is not specifically focused on one game title or genre, but focuses on a wide range of games including single and multi-player compatibility and experience! Click here to read more.

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