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  1. Hi Stefann. Unfortunately you may have the wrong community. Although our community name may resemble another (which is why we're taking steps to change our domain name or switch to our ugcclan.co.uk domain) it is not our game servers that you were banned from. Apologies for the confusion.
  2. From tomorrow (19th September 2020), @Sowse will be taking over and finishing development of our second CS:GO server. He believes he can get it finished 7 days from tomorrow. Thank you, Sowse. To find our game servers, check out the Servers list.
  3. To request a clan forum there must be at minimum 3 ACTIVE members with registered accounts. (Forum Accounts registered less than 2 months ago will not be considered) Forums will also not be granted to members that have been or are generally disruptive to forum or staff. Public forums must be moderated to comply with ALL Forum Rules. It is the responsibility of the clan leader to make sure this is done. EvoGaming staff may intervene if this is not kept up, if we have to moderate your forum, the forum may be removed. Rules of private sections is up to the leader, however any illegal practices, pornography, warez, abuse of members/admins, etc is strictly forbidden. Any forums inactive (no constructive new posts) for 1 month will be removed. Private forums will be password protected. You will be responsible for giving your password to your members and remembering it. Passwords will not be changed frequently so do not request a private forum if your clan membership changes often. Please make sure you have read and agree to all of the above before requesting a clan forum. To request a forum Make a topic in this section with the title "Clan forum request : Clan shortName/abbreviation" Inside the topic write : The Clan shortname/Abbreviation (You can add extra characters into the clans shortname such as <_~@ if you want) Clan full name or slogan. (Optional) The link to your clan manager page. The link to your clans game stats for this month AND last month. (Show us you are an active and stable clan) A banner - MUST BE EXACTLY 300 x 60 pixels and MUST be hosted on Unified Gaming (Optional) State if you require a private forum. (You may have a public forum, a private one or both). The forum name of the person who will lead the forum (And any additional moderators) A list of the active members (nicknames on EvoGaming.co.uk) Make sure you provide ALL of the information above Optional items may be requested later by opening another topic with a title such as "Banner : CLAN NAME" Note: As this subsection is a low priority forum, please hold yourself and your members back from bumping your clans requests. Bumps will result in warnings and warning levels can result in denial of the requests. Spam/flame will not be tolerated from anyone so do not post in someone else's request topic, if you really want to help them, use the PM system. Note: Make your requests understandable. Do not use excessive caps or l33t5p3ak in your requests. Such language will result in your requests being denied.
  4. Update: 19/07/2020 After a few days the dedicated server is now back up and running. We (unfortunately) ran into an issue whereby cPanel's update caused our server to break. This happened (as far as we know) because the servers' Operating System' kernel (OVH custom kernel) was incompatible with the latest update of cPanel / WHM, and as a result, it broke the server. We were able to recover our data and backup the files before we initiated a full server reinstall which was absolutely necessary to resolve the issue with the server. The following services are now running: Website, forums and cPanel / WHM TCAdmin (our game server control panel) Game Servers currently running: CSS Division; Custom Maps and Surf DM servers CSGO Division; our CS:GO server is currently under development. Focuses will be on getting the CS:GO server running properly. Have any ideas for the CS: GO server? Post a thread in the Server Feedback & Suggestions forum. (Unified Gaming Servers > Counter-Strike Source/GO Division > Server Feedback & Suggestions) GMod Division; our GMod server is under development by @JuiceyPlays. Any suggestions for the GMod server should be posted in the GMod Prop Hunt Server Suggestions forum. (Unified Gaming Servers > GMod Division > Prop Hunt. Further updates are to come in due time.
  5. Update: It has now been a couple of days since completing the essential move of the dedicated server and setting things back up. Game servers are up and running, with one new game server for GMod, under development by @JuiceyPlays. With additional IPs being set up for our dedicated server, the old IP to the game servers have changed. Please check the Servers List for a full list of game servers that we are running. We are still trying to fix the issue with HLStatsX for the CS:S game server "Custom Maps", more updates regarding that are soon to follow.
  6. UPDATE: Because we have been experiencing issues with the Kimsufi dedicated server located in Canada, we have discussed (Management) switching locations for our server and we have decided it will be located in London, England. This moving process should be relatively easy but please allow up to 72 hours to 2 days for the movement to be completed. Game services will be interrupted during this time. The forums, however, will not be affected by this process as it is not on our dedicated server, it is hosted elsewhere. We shall continue to give updates as they become available. Thanks, Management
  7. UPDATE: It is with great sadness that I must bring this update into the light of day. We have had to reinstall our dedicated server - all our data on the drive lost - however I did manage to backup our /home/ directory so not all is lost entirely. We will begin to set up the dedicated server once again when the reinstallation process is complete. We will continue to update this thread. Thank you.
  8. This thread is a follow-up from the announcement that Noodle posted in our Discord server. We are still currently experiencing a major issue with our Linux dedicated server, whereby our bootloader is failing to find a stable kernel. We are actively trying to resolve this issue. As of now all game services will be down until the issue is resolved. We will continue to provide updates as they arise. For now, we must be patient. Thank you.
  9. Our game server(s) may be unavailable for the next few days as we attempt to update and configure integrations between the game server(s), forum and Discord server. Report any issues in Help & Requests. Further updates will be posted in this forum and on Twitter.
  10. We have now opened up our CS Source Surf Deathmatch RPG server. Whilst there are some things that are still needing to be done, such as disable the annoying warmup timer every time the map changes, the game server is ready for playing on. To connect to the server, simply go to Our Server List or you can find our servers also on our SourceBans site.
  11. Announcement - Valve Today's Deal: Save up to 90% during the Digital Tribe Games Publisher Sale!* Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are! *Offer ends August 9 at 10AM Pacific Time

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