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  1. Hello, Soooo there isn't a template for this so I'll just get into my suggestion... With the new Tournament Update and other upcoming updates to Unified Gaming I think it would be very useful and easier to organise events and other Large Gathering Situations with a Official Unified Gaming TeamSpeak 3 Server. Now before you go saying, "Oh but discord can do that too and like everyone has discord" I am completely aware of this I just see TS3 as a easier alternative for the Tournaments and Just general Game Play within UG Assets as it will be easier on the Event Managers and Game Server Admins/Managers to maintain a solid connection with others in a Quicker and More efficient way... And Teamspeak can be very much more organised and power sided than Discord What do you mean by "More Power Sided than discord" When I say this I mean TS3 has more advanced permission configurations than Discord allowing for a more controlled environment so there are no sneaky boys in the wrong channels by accident {No One LIkes a Sneaky Boy} Thank you for Reading my Suggestion. I hope you can see my reason of belief on this topic
  2. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! What you want to see? - Why should we add it? - What are the advantages of having this? - Who is it mainly for? - Links to any content -
  3. You must fill out this form in order to be considered for a unban. Steam Name: Ingame Name: SteamID: Ban Length: Admin that Banned you: Reason for Ban: Dispute:
  4. *USE THIS FORMAT* If you do not follow the format your report will be deleted. Topic Title PlayerName - Player Report Questions Your in game name: Your Steam ID: The player's in game name: The player's steam ID (required): What did the player do:Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: Any extra information:
  5. *USE THIS FORMAT* If you do not follow the format your report will be deleted. Warns can be no longer than 3 months old for an appeal to be placed. Warns older than 3 months will be classed as a legit warn and will not be removed. Topic Title AdminName - False Warn Report Questions Your In-game:Your SteamID: The admin's name in-game: The admin's steam name (If you know it): What warning did you receive: Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: Any extra information:

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