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  1. The Universim is Now Available on Steam! Jump straight into managing your own planets as you guide a civilization through the ages. Build the ultimate empire in The Universim, a new breed of God Game in development by Crytivo. View the full article
  2. An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include: Fixed a server crash related to PASS Time and the round timer at the end of a round Fixed overlapping texture for the Panic Attack's kill icon Updated the Winning Spirit Unusual effect to fix problems with clipping and the control points Updated cp_brew Fixed missing textures on a truck Fixed unintended sentry spot on top of the HVAC pipes at the Brewery Updated pl_camberFixed respawn room exploit Updated plr_hacksaw Fixed teleporters being able to be placed in spawn Removed hint nodes from the hacking sequence Updated plr_hacksaw_event Fixed teleporters being able to be placed in spawn Updated to match layout changes to plr_hacksaw Updated ctf_pelican_peak Removed skybox bridge for dx8 users Adjusted cow Miscellaneous fixes Updated pl_corruptionFixed an issue with the 3D skybox View the full article
  3. Cowbots and Aliens is Now Available on Steam! Cowbots and Aliens is a furious PvP Multiplayer VR brawl set in the Saloon-iverse! Free movement, laser precise gunplay, multiple competitive modes and a custom networked physics system that lets you use EVERYTHING as a weapon makes for an immensely satisfying VR ruckus! View the full article
  4. An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include: Updated cp_carrier Fixed a clipping issue near the bell tower Fixed the carrier being able to take teleporters Fixed players dropping flags during waiting for players Adjusted gravity and health formula for the carrier Half-Zatoichi reverted back to restoring 50% of the carrier's health The carrier is now able to use the Thermal Thruster, the Pain Train, as well as taunts Decreased size of the frog View the full article
  5. An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include: Updated koth_krampus Added a second trigger_hurt in the underworld that becomes active after Krampus' portal closes Fixed players dropping flags during waiting for players View the full article
  6. An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include: Fixed a regression with the Clue Hairdo where the smoke attachment was missing View the full article
  7. An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include: Updated the Carry-Van to fix a problem with the LOD files Updated the Scruffed 'n Stitched to fix the blue material using the red diffuse texture for the second style Updated main menu background to fix missing nomip/nolod settings Updated pl_camber to fix a crack in the forward spawn Updated the Cozy Coverup Fixed backpack icon Fixed broken paint region Fixed jigglebones Fixed Scout's headphones being hidden for style 3 Fixed Soldier's lod0 for style 3 not matching style 1 Updated the Clue Hairdo Updated to fix issues with shading on maps Updated to fix the clipping of the loose hair strand with the forehead Updated the Sleuth Suit Updated all models to fix issues with shading on maps Fixed clipping/changed rigging in some poses Fixed the fourth style having only one material, which caused the problems Fixed parts of the textures Changed the backpack icon to reflect the changes in the item View the full article
  8. An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include: Fixed the Pyro's right hand c_model not drawing correctly Fixed The Razorback not being displayed in the 3D HUD player model and the loadout preview (community fix from gidi30) Fixed the Engineer's Destruction PDA using the wrong animation in the 3D HUD player model (community fix from gidi30) Fixed naming conflicts between the plr_hacksaw and plr_hacksaw_event localization strings Updated the Scruffed 'n Stitched cosmetic item to fix a paint problem with the second style Updated the display name for the Trench Warefarer cosmetic item to Trench Warfarer Updated the Strasbourg Scholar cosmetic item Fixed cross-cosmetic clipping Fixed triangulation mismatch on pants and resulting rig issue Fixed LOD bone collapse error Fixed minor UV stretching on LODs Updated pl_frontier_finalFixed Engineers being able to build in Red's final spawn room Updated plr_hacksaw Fixed non-zero roll on spectator cameras Fixed Erroneous clip brushes Simplified and merged door frames across the map to have fewer obstructions Removed some cover on each team's balconies that preventing being able to spam sentries De-cluttered finale roof so that you can travel from balcony-to-balcony Lowered rocks between middle and the finale Adjusted prop fades Updated ctf_turbine_winter Fixed issue with teleporters exploding when players used them in the vents Added extra ammopacks in the intel hallways Fixed cubemaps having odd reflections in the center area Adjusted clipping in the center area Added neutral Train Camera so you can enjoy the Slay Ride Added small details Updated pl_emerge Fixed some malformed geometry in Blu's first spawn Fixed unintentional perch point just outside Blu's first spawn Updated pl_camber Clipped sewer grate Disabled rock collision Increased Red respawn room Improved clipping Blocked off a sightline on the final point Updated cp_brew Fixed missing collision on red arrow outside Red's first spawn Fixed missing flatbed truck trailers outside of the diner Updated koth_snowtower The control point is now more closed-off Slightly extended the cover on the lower balconies on both sides Moved the ammo from the control point to the higher platform of the central tower Fixed z-fighting on the lower ramps on both sides Changed from toolsblockbullets2 to toolsplayerclip for the tree's clipping near the crossing Updated menu photos Updated koth_krampus Fixed minor visual issues Fixed Krampus' unique boss bar randomly getting replaced with the default one Fixed people getting stuck or telefragged when taking the Krampus portal Krampus' landing sound is now more audible Krampus now correctly destroys all buildings in his way Updated cp_carrier Adjusted fade distances of some areaportals Adjusted Blu team's respawn times Extended Blu team's respawn room Fixed hud text overlapping Fixed soundscapes not working correctly Fixed objective text not displaying properly Fixed the ability for the carrier to pick up restricted weapons Fixed players not becoming the carrier while standing on the platform as it resets Announcer's bomb voice lines no longer play after the bomb has been deployed Half-Zatoichi kills now restore 25% of the carrier's health instead of 50% Added 25% crit resistance to the carrier Added overtime while there is a carrier The carrier's health bar now displays their class icon Decreased size of the frog View the full article
  9. Kodon is Now Available on Steam! Kodon is a 3D sculpting software for VR and Desktop with an intuitive interface that allows even inexperienced users to create 3D models in a 3D space. View the full article
  10. An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include: Added missing 'No Glasses' style for The Dapper Dickens Added missing strings for koth_krampus Fixed name typo in map credits for koth_krampus Fixed the Wanderer's Wool not being paintable Updated cp_carrier to fix some visual issues Updated Selfless Sensation to fix a rendering/brightness problem Updated the Permafrost Essence Unusual effect to fix transparency issues in bright areas Updated pd_galleria to fix broken cube maps Updated pl_camber to fix a problem with RED spawn camping Updated pl_emerge to fix missing .nav file Updated cp_gravelpit_snowy to fix missing custom sounds Updated pl_phoenix Reduced Blu respawn wave time on A and C from 5 to 4 Increased Red respawn wave time on A and C from 6 to 7 Rollback zone on C now reduces the payload push speed by 50% Locked door connecting B and C now opens when A is captured instead of B Added a failsafe to prevent a case where the payload cart could get stuck at the base of the elevator finale Various visual fixes and adjustments Various pickup size adjustments Various clipping adjustments Performance improvements Updated checkpoint names View the full article
  11. An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include: Happy Smissmas 2023! All players who play TF2 during the event will receive a Stuffed Stocking as a gift! Stockings contain goodies for good little Mercenaries. Featuring 10 new community maps: Snowtower, Krampus, Haarp, Brew, Hacksaw, Turbine Center, Carrier, Galleria, Emerge, and Camber Added the Winter 2023 Cosmetic Case Contains 23 new community-contributed items The Festivizer can be found as a bonus drop when opening the case Added 3 new community-contributed taunts to the Mann Co. Store Taunt: Cheers! Taunt: Mourning Mercs Taunt: Foul Play Added 31 new community-created Unusual effects 17 new effects for Unusual hats 14 new effects for Unusual taunts All cosmetic and taunt cases will grant Smissmas 2023 Unusual effects instead of their normal Unusual effects during the event. This does not include crates. Mann Co. Store winter sale! Smissmas runs through January 7th, 2024 General Fixed missing normal map and variables for Festivized weapons (community fix from Woshee) Fixed broken lighting for viewmodels in tight spaces (community fix from Stuffy360) Fixed missing BLU team skin for the B.A.S.E. Jumper Fixed Taunt: Roar O'War removing health after taunting with an honor bound melee weapon equipped Fixed not always hiding floating health bars when the player has the hide_enemy_health attribute Updated pl_corruption to fix trigger_teleports not enabling correctly Updated koth_sawmill_event to fix missing material Updated cp_gravelpit_snowy to improve performance Updated several maps to fix localization issues View the full article
  12. An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include: Updated koth_sawmill_eventFixed missing model and material Updated pd_farmageddon Fixed instances where players can get stuck when leaving the cap zone (Thanks Lo-fi) Added custom announcer lines for gargoyle spawn Updated zi_atoll Significantly reduced strength of trigger_push in water Adjusted trigger_push entities on trees Improved clipping/collision on wood plank structures Adjusted distribution of health and ammo pickups to make structures easier for Red to hold Reduced file size of map View the full article
  13. An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include: Added an extra HIDEHUD flag for vscript maps (HIDEHUD_TARGET_ID) Fixed using the extendfreeze client command to continue spectating enemy players after being killed Fixed Arena mode player count HUD layout problem (community fix from Funicular) Updated zi_atoll to sync the particles file with other the Zombie Infection maps Updated zi_woods Added props to aid scouts in getting up to the roof on the boathouse Added trigger_push entities to the tops of trees Implemented an optimisation pass Updated koth_sawmill_event Added spells to the Underworld Forest to encourage players to travel there Added trigger_hurts to prevent spawn camping in the Underworld Forest Added the Skeleton King to randomly spawn after cap Added an additional Skeleton Consort for him as well Reduced the amount of particles in the Underworld Harvest Removed a custom texture since it wasn't needed Minor clipping changes Added an ammo pack to the cave Removed a few pumpkin bombs since they hurt player movement too much Added a loss-coverage program for Red team Cleaned up some waste View the full article
  14. An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include: Fixed floating 'Bonus' label in the middle of the screen while working on certain contracts Updated the Clown's Cover-Up to fix some clipping issues, fix the LODs, and update the equip_region Updated the Celestial Summit Unusual effect to reduce the particle count Updated the Potion Explosion Unusual taunt effect to remove the delay when starting the effect Updated glowing eye materials on Voodoo-Cursed Souls and Übercharged players with community fixes from Liam Stone (boba) Updated the Carry-Van Fixed the rigging on the straps to avoid clipping when running Fixed misplaced ambient occlusion on the material Fixed rim mask being black in places it wasn't supposed to Fixed a hole in-between the window and top of the van Fixed LODs to represent above changes Updated the Dead Man's Party Unusual taunt effect Added fades to hand sprites Improved effect composition on fast-moving taunts Fixed some particle sorting issues Updated cp_lavapit_finalFixed a skybox exploit in the underworld Updated pl_spineyard Fixed an exploit that allowed players to get outside of the map Fixed missing cubemaps Updated pl_corruption Replaced some of the materials and models Adjusted collisions near some wooden beams by point A Adjusted prop fades Fixed some minor texture issues Fixed teleport trigger in one of the spawn rooms being too late to activate Minor adjustments to improve your sanity Updated cp_degrootkeep_rats Fixed players getting stuck in the door when entering the Rabbit Hole at the same time as an enemy player Fixed a hidden perch in the balcony overlooking C Updated arena_perks Replaced the Cloaking perk with the Patience perk (gain up to 7 health/sec) Fixed missing barricades in the voting area Fixed certain items having missing textures on the map Removed crumpkins (with help from LizardOfOz) Fixed stalemates causing extra rounds where no perks would appear Added a new HUD, with an alive player counter Updated zi_murky, zi_atoll, zi_devastation_final1, zi_woods, and zi_sanitarium If a game is in progress and there are no players on BLU team or RED team the game will now end Fixed a bug that allowed Dead Ringer spies to die without triggering a round loss Fixed a bug that caused Zombies to not see combat text correctly Fixed a bug that caused Rocket Launchers and Sticky Bomb Launchers to start with a low ammo Fixed a bug that caused changing player loadout to kill human players (particularly on Murky) Fixed an issue with missing particle effects for Medic's Heal ability Adjusted the number of Zombies selected at round start for low player counts Corrected unintended changes in the last update Changed the damage dealt by Zombie Soldier's Stomp In the previous update, Soldier would instantly kill his stomp target. This was not intended. The new damage calculation is (10 + fall damage x 3). This is the same as the Mantreads. Changed the Sentry Gun to deal 40% damage to Zombies In the previous update, this was 35%. This was not intended. Added a sound effect to Pyro's explosion of flames on death Removed some debug print statements Reworked Demoman's Blast Charge to fix several exploits and bugs These changes should also make Blast Charge more reliable and less frustrating to use Blast Charge is now triggered based on the player's velocity When player's speed drops below a threshold while charging, they explode Additionally, anything that would usually interrupt a shield charge will now trigger the explosion Fixed a bug that caused ÜberCharge applied by Blast Charge to persist longer than intended Fixed a bug that caused Blast Charge to fail to kill the player in situations where the player should be killed Fixed a bug that caused Blast Charge to briefly display the player's first person view before detonation Fixed a bug that caused the player to be unable to attack, jump or duck after surviving Blast Charge Fixed many bugs that caused Blast Charge to fail to detonate Fixed many bugs related to Blast Charge being cast at the same time as being converted to Zombie Updated zi_atoll (additional changes) Fixed the missing texture on the turbine building's roof Added areaportals and occluders in and around buildings Added extra nodraw brushes under the level and buildings to improve vis calculations Added prop fades on bushes and rocks Adjusted push triggers on trees Minor clipping adjustments Changed func_brush on roofs to func_movelinear so that corpses don't fall through Added soul gargoyle spawns Added a santa hat that spawns on the anchor when smissmas holiday is enabled Fixed cubemap reflection issues Fixed the seam between the 3D skybox and the playable level Aar fed the spinning cat Updated zi_devastation_final1 (additional changes) Replaced sewer exit to the 2nd floor with a ladder Changed sewer exits to no longer require crouching/prop jumps Fixed missing respawn trigger in the sewers Adjusted spawn positions of Zombies and Survivors Fire now ignites players Adjusted lighting in sewers to be slightly brighter Reduced round timer to 3 minutes Lit up 2nd floor car corner View the full article
  15. An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include: Fixed the Clown's Cover-Up always showing the Red team skin Fixed hiding the Pyro's head when using the Friendly style for the Fiercesome Fluorescence Fixed the Grounded style of the Power Spike using an incorrect LOD model Fixed Celestial Summit and Stellar Ascent Unusual effects not following moving players Fixed missing prefix when the Strange Filter: Sandcastle (Community) item is applied to a weapon Fixed missing prefix when the Strange Filter: Lava Pit (Community) item is applied to a weapon Updated The Masked Fiend to fix a problem with the materials Updated the Dell Dynamic to fix issues with the materials, rigging, and LODs Updated the Sapped Unusual effect to fix visibility issues in bright environments Updated Blastphomet cosmetic to fix some a problem with the materials and some minor clipping Updated the Taunt: Borrowed Bones to add missing sounds Updated Taunt: Neck Snap animations to fix the MVM canteen flipping while taunting Updated the Nightmarish Storm, Acidic Climate, and Otherworldly Weather Unusual effects to fix a problem with the lock rotation Updated the Eldritch Horror and Deep-sea Devourer Unusual taunt effects to fix a problem with flickering Updated pd_farmageddonUpdated .res file to work with custom huds (Thanks Aar) Updated cp_lavapit_final Updated the Underworld Spells now spawn one per point, in a random location Removed some exploits Updated pl_spineyard Replaced some of the materials and models Fixed a missing material Significantly improved skeleton navigation Reduced the health of skeletons to 130 HP Increased the weapon spread of skeletons to reduce their long range damage Increased the number of pumpkin bomb spawns Improved sound effects Various detail fixes Fixed being able to build in the first Blue spawn Updated pd_mannsylvania Added new custom voice lines of Merasmus Gargoyle Notifications Better player clip and fixed players stuck in some areas Placed more bat's models on entire map and randomised their animations Improved 3d skybox Disabled trigger_hurt in ending sequence after 15 second when game ends Minor cosmetic fixes Updated zi_murky, zi_atoll, zi_devastation_final1, and zi_sanitarium These changes are aimed to make playing as a Zombie more engaging, and to weaken the Human meta of bunkering without hurting their ability to roam and fight Zombie Spy is now passively cloaked, only losing his cloak for 3 seconds when attacking or using his "Reveal" abilityThis change will allow Zombie Spy to circumvent sentry guns that are watching large areas, and allow him to sneak into or around strongholds Zombie Soldier's "Pounce" ability is now significantly higher, and has a 5 second cooldown (from 8)These changes will bolster Zombie Soldier's role as a recon pick and a roof buster, capable of launching through sentry fire Zombie Sniper's "Spit" ability now damages buildables Zombie Sniper now drops a puddle of spit on deathBoth of these changes will make you feel like you're contributing more with your spit, and if that's not enough, you at least get to drop one on death to cause a small area of denial Zombie Pyro no longer drops small health kits Zombie Pyro's "Hellspawn" passive now releases a flaming explosion on death on top of the existing gas passer cloudThese changes should strengthen their afterburn capability, and make them a scarier threat if you let them too close Zombie Heavy's "Tank" ability now adds the Battalion's Backup buff (immunity to critical hits, 35% resistance to regular damage, and a 50% resistance to Sentry Gun damage) Zombie Heavy deals 20% increased melee damageSentry and crit resistance will bring Zombie Heavy's effective hp up much higher, buffing his role as a tank that you really oughta stay away from. His slower speed is unchanged, so you're still able to run. The changes will just make bunkering much more difficult with him around. Zombie Engineer's EMP no longer rolls on shallow surfaces, and now does 110 damage instead of fractional damageThis change will turn EMP grenades into a much more immediate threat, instantly breaking mini sentries, crippling level 1 sentries, and wounding other buildings Zombie Scout's "Speed Demon" passive now comes and additional 25% jump height boostZombie Scout already has a triple jump, but increasing jump height will make him even more of a pest buzzing around your head, and better at climbing onto roofs once a hold is destroyed 1/5 of the server will be converted to zombies at the end of setup (from 1/6), and will also round upIt's become clear that there simply aren't enough zombies selected at the start of the round. Initial pushes should be easier to perform with a couple more units. Sentry Guns deal 40% damage to zombies (from 60%)Engineers are simply way too oppressive. The dispenser is invaluable for the sake of ammo, and the sentry still has use as a knockback tool, but now should be significantly less frustrating to play against. Demoman shield items no longer halve the damage taken by zombiesHe was just too strong and incredibly unfun to duel. The extended reach of swords is already amazing against melee-only characters. His strong maneuverability is unchanged. Zombie Medic Heal cooldown reduced to 7 seconds (previously 11) All Zombies except for scout, heavy, and spy, now have +25 HP (from +10) Fixed a bug where Zombie Demo could detonate himself before the charge had started Fixed a bug where Bonk! Atomic Punch could persist through Zombie conversion Fixed various issues caused by Zombie Demo surviving his own charge Fixed issues with the Zombie HUD not correctly displaying certain strings Fixed exploit related to adding additional time Added additional HIDEHUD bits to remove irrelevant HUD elements when playing Zombie Added an instructional video (Thanks Funicular!) Updated zi_murky (additional changes) All of the roofs have been covered in clutter such as vines and tires, and are no longer buildable Added more trees for cover Added small fence to RED spawn to make it easier for zombies to approach up the wooden stairs Added a ramp leading to the yellow shack's roof Added occluders to central shack Improved fog Improved skybox Improved readability of chicken wire fences, and added more around the docks Adjusted prop fades Tweaked detailing Fixed erroneous clip brushes Fixed several stuck spots Fixed missing television model Updated zi_atoll (additional changes) Added an extension to the roof of the turbine building Added nobuild entities to debris that could potentially hide sneaky sentries Added a broken window on the turbine building Clipped the spiral stairs behind the lighthouse (thanks Aar!) Reduced performance impact of water Increased size of trigger_push entities on the tree tops Improved collision on the displacement on the beach near the fishing house The spinning cat has been fed Updated zi_devastation_final1 (additional changes) Added new route from second level zombie spawn to the top floor Adjusted some zombie spawns Made some zombie spawn exits easier to leave Clipped off bottom floor stairs Increased Round Timer to 3 minutes and 30 Seconds Increased Reports of Gators Updated zi_sanitarium (additional changes) Replaced some of the materials and models Fixed a missing material on a prop Fixed a pixel walk in the skybox View the full article

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