All of the following commands can be utilized either via chat or via console.

If via chat, use either the public command prefix ! or the private (silent) command prefix /, followed by the command: !motd will be public, and /motd will be silent/private.

If via console, prefix each command with either sm_, e.g: !kick via chat = sm_kick via console. Not all commands work via console.

Note: Some commands may only work on a specific server.

Rank System Commands
Description Console Chat
Shows your rank to you only. sm_rankme !rankme
Shows your stats in current session. sm_session !session
Shows stats to you only. sm_statsme !statsme
Shows hitbox stats sm_hitboxme !hitboxme
Shows your weapon stats sm_weaponme !weaponme
Shows your rank. sm_rank !rank
Shows the next players' ranking. sm_next !next
Shows top player in the ladder. sm_top !top
Shows top death stats. sm_topdeath !topdeath
Shows top kills sm_topkills !topkills
Shows top knife kills sm_topknife !topknife
Shows top grenade kills sm_topnade !topnade
Resets your rank sm_resetmyrank !resetmyrank
General Commands
Description Console Chat
Displays a menu of our other servers and allows you to easily join them. Selecting a server will display the current map, number of connected players, and an option to join the server. sm_servers !servers
Displays a menu where you can configure various client settings, such as damage display, chat color (if you're a donator), RankMe rank settings, and more. sm_settings !settings
Mute individual players. sm_sm !sm
Unmute players you've muted with !sm. sm_su !su
Send a private message to all in-game server admins. Primary use is to report rule breakers   Team Chat: @
Chat privately with another player. sm_psay /psay
Use either ! or / prefixes in chat to automatically observe a player sm_observe /observe
Deposit money into your bank. sm_deposit !deposit
Withdraw money from your bank. sm_withdraw !withdraw
Shows your current bank status. sm_bankstatus !bankstatus
Shows a friendly menu. sm_bank !bank
Donator Commands
Description Console Chat
Brings up the Custom Chat Color menu sm_ccc !ccc
Brings up the skins menu sm_models !models
Admin Commands
Description Console Chat
Brings up the admin menu sm_admin !admin
Bans a client sm_ban !ban
Kicks a client sm_kick !kick
Cancels a vote in progress sm_cancelvote !cancelvote
Lists all admin commands into console sm_help !help
Changes the current map sm_map !map
Unbans a Steam ID or an IP sm_unban !unban
Lists all users and their access rights, or a specific user's access rights. sm_who !who
Shows a list of current online admins sm_admins !admins
Adds a ring around each player, making them easily visible sm_beacon !beacon
Sets a player on fire for a specified amount of time Usage: !burn playername 10 Burns for 10 seconds sm_burn !burn
Prevents a player from chatting (Sends to SourceBans) sm_gag !gag
Prevents a player from using voice chat (Sends to SourceBans) sm_mute !mute
Performs both gag and mute on player (Sends to SourceBans) sm_silence !silence
Slaps a player sm_slap !slap
Slays a player sm_slay !slay
Server MOTD - 08/02/2020.